Paper Art: Pirate Ship Restaurant—No. 11

Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant

Trader Sam

Welcome back!

It’s time to build the full-color prototype and begin the illustrated instructions. Some graphics may change before the final release, but, overall, the prototype is pretty close.

Questions? Ask them in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them either in a future video or in the comments below.



Daveland reference photos:

OBS Studio:

7 Marc-Davis-Inspired Paper Dolls

The Disney Experience

Marc Davis Sketchbook Concepts Paper Dolls

Paper doll designer Cory Jensen has a beautiful tribute to the Disney artist in the form of . . . paper dolls (duh!). What makes these special is that they are all representations of character sketches by Marc Davis.

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How I Fell in Love With Model Kits: Part 4

Trader Sam

Dreadfleet Miniature 01

I had been designing paper models for others for so many years. Now, I wanted to start working on models strictly for my own pleasure and relaxation; I wanted a hobby to call my own. I didn’t want to design anything; I wanted to be the end user for a change and just enjoy the assembly process.

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5 Epcot Legacy Wallpapers

The Disney Experience

E82 Music Banner

Epcot Legacy has five new wallpapers available. As usual, Joshua gives them all a wonderful glow that imbues that neon/black-light flare.

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