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Millennium Falcon Build Journal—02: Issues 1-4

July 27th, 2015

Millennium Falcon Build Journal Logo

The first package arrived exactly one week after ordering the subscription. The box was small, and everything fit just right.

The magazines are standard sizes as far as magazines go, and are only 13 pages long. Issue 2 arrived damaged, with a bent corner and a small tear, but nothing to really complain about. I foresee these things getting a lot of use over the next two years as I rifle through them for reference.

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The Most Frightful Time of the Year

September 23rd, 2014

Life-size Jack Skellington Paper Model

It’s that time, boils and ghouls! The Disney Experience has been transformed into the Haunted Experience. We’ve been hard at work on this year’s Halloween treat, and preparing for our participation in Doorless Chambers. It was tough going at first, but the treat’s bugs have been worked out. We’ve also had a rather large distraction […]

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Doorless Chambers, 2014

July 25th, 2014

Doorless Chambers Banner

Once again, the Disney Experience will be participating in this year’s Doorless Chambers event—exactly 3 months from today! The online trick-or-treating is free for everyone, but you have to join the Neighborhood if you want to give out your own treats. The DEADline for sign-up is October 15, 2014, and they’re aiming for approximately 30 […]

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Hit with a Bug

January 9th, 2014

My apologies for being absent for most of the holidays. The flu hit everyone in our area pretty bad (there were even reports of a death or two). In my family, I got the worst of it. I’ve never had the flu like this before. It involved sleep deprivation (I could feel my sanity slipping), […]

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Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-fi

August 23rd, 2013

To get Doorless Chambers up and running as soon as possible, we used a previous template design and modified it for modern browsers and screen resolutions. Well, we’ve been feverishly working on a re-vamped design, even tweaking the site’s logo a bit. If you’ve been using one of the previous banners, badges, or logos, you’ll […]

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