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Fixing Disney Infinity 2.0’s System Performance (for PC)

November 11th, 2014

Disney Infinity Logo

UPDATE: It seems that either I completely missed it or Disney has updated the game to include screen resolution settings. You can find it under Options > Screen Resolution (you may have to scroll down a little to see it). Change your screen resolution from there, and have fun!

Darn kid got me hooked on Disney Infinity! But, that’s a different story. I’ve been playing the PC version of Disney Infinity 2.0, and it’s been a bit frustrating. Okay, very frustrating!

The Problem

There seems to be a fairly common problem on PCs where you can’t build anything in a Toy Box . . . even a brand-new, empty one. When building (rather, attempting to), there is a meter on the right-hand side of the screen that shows you how much your “System Performance” is being maxed out. When it reaches its limit, you cannot build. Well, it was maxed out for me (any many others) right from the start. Read More

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The Most Frightful Time of the Year

September 23rd, 2014

Life-size Jack Skellington Paper ModelIt’s that time, boils and ghouls! The Disney Experience has been transformed into the Haunted Experience.

We’ve been hard at work on this year’s Halloween treat, and preparing for our participation in Doorless Chambers. It was tough going at first, but the treat’s bugs have been worked out.

We’ve also had a rather large distraction as Trader Sam has been building a life-size Jack Skellington paper model. There’s one hand left to build. Additionally, our Halloween treat came in handy several times as Jack was being built.

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Doorless Chambers, 2014

July 25th, 2014

Doorless Chambers Banner

Doorless Chambers LogoOnce again, the Disney Experience will be participating in this year’s Doorless Chambers event—exactly 3 months from today!

The online trick-or-treating is free for everyone, but you have to join the Neighborhood if you want to give out your own treats. The DEADline for sign-up is October 15, 2014, and they’re aiming for approximately 30 Neighborhood members this year . . . if not more. That’s at least 30 downloadable Halloween-themed goodies!

If you have a website, and you’re interested in participating (or you know a website that may be interested), go see what Doorless Chambers is all about. There are even badges, banners, and logos that you can download and use.

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Paper Art: Pirate Ship Restaurant—No. 06

March 17th, 2014

Adding final details to the ship’s deck.

Questions? Ask them in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them either in a future video or in the comments below.


Download Blender

Daveland Reference Photos

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Hit with a Bug

January 9th, 2014

My apologies for being absent for most of the holidays. The flu hit everyone in our area pretty bad (there were even reports of a death or two). In my family, I got the worst of it.

I’ve never had the flu like this before. It involved sleep deprivation (I could feel my sanity slipping), a constant migraine (nothing could get rid of it), hallucinations (where did my bedroom floor go?), dehydration (despite taking in liquids like a sponge), and absolutely no sense of taste or smell (everything tasted BAD). Okay, the last part was great when having to take nasty medicine; I couldn’t taste a thing.

I’m hoping to get back on track soon. I definitely need to get back to the pirate ship paper model, although I think I’ll have to change the speed of the progress videos.

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Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-fi

August 23rd, 2013

To get Doorless Chambers up and running as soon as possible, we used a previous template design and modified it for modern browsers and screen resolutions. Well, we’ve been feverishly working on a re-vamped design, even tweaking the site’s logo a bit. If you’ve been using one of the previous banners, badges, or logos, you’ll want to replace it. You may even opt to use one of the new color versions of the logo. But, the redesign isn’t just skin deep.

We are no longer a Disney-centric website; we welcome ALL Halloween goodness, celebrating horror, fantasy, and sci-fi! Classic characters like Dracula and Robbie the Robot are as much a part of the season as Captain Hook and Maleficent. We welcome zombies, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, pixies, genies, pirates, robots, androids, aliens, and more!

Spread the word that all are welcome here.

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Putting on the Ritz

August 17th, 2013

Putting on the RitzRemember those journal entries? You know, the ones where I documented my re-animation of a corpse? Yeah, those. Well, just like young Dr. Frankenstein at the Bucharest Academy of Science, I now present my creature:

Read More

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Journal Entry No. 6: Plan ‘B’

August 16th, 2013

JournalDear journal,

My attempts at using the brains that I wanted failed miserably. I thought I was making progress, but it turns out that they’re too old. The stress over the past few days has added at least a dozen white hairs to my beard . . . and, possibly, to my head. This evening, I proceeded with plan ‘B’.

Plan ‘B’ seems to be working well, and the brain seems to be making connections. While it’s not ideal, it is working. It’s a well-received relief, and I can continue with the last few steps in the re-animation project.

Soon. Very soon.

Fingers crossed,Trader Sam

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Journal Entry No. 5: Panic Attack

August 13th, 2013

JournalNo! NO! It can’t end like this! All of my hard work for nothing? It can’t be.

I’m having a hard time finding a compatible brain. Everything that I’ve found has been either too old, abnormal, or incomplete. I don’t relish the thought of having to return an old friend to the grave. I haven’t given up searching.

I might be able to hack or tweak an existing brain. But, it’s a long shot; the brain is both complex and delicate. One wrong move, and the whole thing could be rendered useless. I guess it’s a good thing that I have steady hands.

Trader Sam



Dear journal,

After doing some more digging, I have found other options. They may not be exactly what I am looking for, but they could work . . . for the time being.

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Journal Entry No. 4: It Gets the Heart Beating

August 10th, 2013

JournalDear journal,

I’m tired. I took a long break for most of the day, mostly napping.

Yesterday, I installed the heart, and got it to start pumping. Exciting! But, the heart is a complex and delicate thing. A little more fine-tuning, and it will be hearty (no pun intended) and strong.

Trader Sam

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