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Website Outage

Piggy Bank Stock Image

We apologize for yesterday’s outage. Due to the lack of funds, we were unable to pay for hosting on time. We’ve squared everything away with HostGator (they’re awesome, by the way), and we’re back online.

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Now It’s Mobile!

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FINALLY! We’ve been hard at work for the better part of the month to create a mobile version of the website. We created one partly because a good website should have a mobile version, and partly because Google will start penalizing websites that don’t have one. At any rate, we got a good kick in […]

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It’s Mobile . . . ish

Mobile Phone Stock Image

The site is kind of mobile. Some pages are, and others have a nasty redirect loop that just doesn’t want to play nice. I would revert the changes, but that’s too time consuming. Instead, I will leave the mobile site as-is and come back to it later. I’m pooped and a little frustrated, so a […]

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100,000+ WordPress Sites Infected/Infecting

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A bit of Russian malware (known as “SoakSoak”) is infecting self-hosted WordPress websites through a vulnerability in a plug-in called Slider Revolution. To make things worse, anyone who visits one of these sites will have their computer infected with malware. Fortunately, the Nava Designs family of websites (that includes this website) doesn’t rely too heavily […]

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HTML Spring Winter Cleaning

“The book that should have been in the box.” I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and modifications to the website’s HTML code lately. Hopefully, you shouldn’t see any difference. But, if you do find something that looks out-of-place, please contact me immediately. As the site was being cleaned and refreshed, a few links have […]

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It’s ALIVE!!!

The Haunted Experience Logo

It’s here! The haunting season is upon us . . . well, it is for us. Welcome to another year of the Haunted Experience. This year was a toss-up between themes: Pirates of the Caribbean or Nightmare Before Christmas. Decisions, decisions. Ultimately, the choice went to Nightmare despite wanting to do Pirates. Today debuts the […]

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Look Who’s Comin’ Down the Track . . . Again

Casey Jr. Train Station Paper Model

Becky submitted a G-scale version of the Casey Junior Station, and I finally got around to uploading it. June and July have been busy for me. Lots of personal surprises have popped up out of nowhere, and they’ve not all been pleasant. I have, indeed, started designing the new site design, but it went straight […]

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Trader Sam and the Search for the Lost Photos

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Sounds like an Indiana Jones flick, doesn’t it? Kidding aside, if you’ve been nosing around on the Flickr account looking for the paper model photos, you will not find them. I recently discovered that the yearly upgrade ($24.95 for Flickr Pro) has expired and is due for renewal (ya think I would have gotten an […]

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