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Cut Scene

Cut Scene: Freezing Chamber

In 2012, Marc Hagan-Guirey left his job to explore a personal project that became an art exhibition called Horrorgami. Today, he is working on a new exhibition, Cut Scene, which was fully-funded on Kickstarter within 16 days. Cut Scene represents Marc’s most detailed work to date, learning and improving from his previous work in Horrorgami.

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Halloween Boogie-Woogie

The Hollywood Tower Hotel presents Haunted Halloween Hits

According to lore, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was struck by lightning on Halloween night, 1939. In an interesting college design project, Richard assumes “that since it was Halloween night, the Tip Top Club would have hosted a masquerade party. So what kind of music would they have played at Halloween within the Hotel? Out of […]

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It’s an HO World After All

Disneyland Mad Tea Party Model Mock-up

Back in 2007, I worked on some mock-up package designs to help pitch an idea to the Disney Parks. I did have to use photos found online, but since I do not remember where I got them, I cannot credit anyone. Imagine putting together your very own HO scale plastic model of the Mad Tea […]

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Have a Ball

On October 15, Thank You Walt Disney, Inc. will be having their Haunted Mansion Costume Ball to help raise funds to preserve Walt Disney’s original Laugh-O-Grams Studio. The party (8pm to midnight) will be held at the Arts Tech Gallery in Kansas City, where there will be food, drinks, and dancing. Original Haunted Mansion merchandise […]

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A Stubby Post

Here’s a quick update, proving that I am working on the illustrations for the Disneyland Paris: Sleeping Beauty Castle model instructions. I am currently on number 90, and there are plenty more to do. I was hoping to get everything done in time for the holidays or at least the end of the year. Sadly, […]

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