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Google Plussed

To avoid any confusion, there are now two Google+ profiles. The profile that I was using before was designed for individuals. Yesterday, I discovered what are called Google+ Pages, which are basically the same thing, but designed for brand entities. The old Google+ profile is now Robert Nava’s (a.k.a. Trader Sam) profile. It will be […]

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Papercraft Progress

I waited from 6 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. to specifically sign for the letter of termination. Inside the cardboard FedEx envelope was a single sheet of paper from the Walt Disney Internet Group (they’re still using that name and logo?). In a nutshell, the tiny paragraph simply said that my contract has officially come to […]

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Form Errors

HTML Code Stock Image

If you’ve submitted any type of form recently, you may have noticed that you end up with a blank page with “” as the only source of text. It may seem that the form was never sent, but if you filled everything out correctly, it’s been mailed and received. For some reason, the redirects (redirecting […]

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