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So Close, I Can Taste It!

Guess what? The model is practically finished. I just need to add the last two towers and the flags. I’d post images, but I’m so close I may as well wait and photo the finished model. I’m also thinking of creating a small mod to download. In current reference photos of the castle’s backside, there […]

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Nearing Completion

I busted my hump last night to get some progress going with the castle model. Not only did I finish the walkway leading to the castle, but I also finished & assembled the drawbridge! I also discovered a major flaw in the roof/floor assembly. I’ll need to rework the two walls flanking the castle entrance, […]

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50th Preparations

Tink Teaser

I’ve been working overtime to create new goodies (7 so far) to help you celebrate Disneyland‘s 50th. I’m looking at a May 4th or May 5th release of all of the goodies. I’m not sure if I am going to release everything as a kit, or just add them to their appropriate locations on the […]

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Model Progress . . .

. . . or lack thereof. I haven’t worked on the Sleeping Beauty Castle paper model for the last few days, but I did take the liberty of taking a few reference shots while I was at the park yesterday. I took better shots of the murals, Walt’s family crest, and a shield design on […]

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