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Oh, Happy Day!

A few things . . . I don’t know why I never mentioned this earlier (perhaps I didn’t want to sound like I was rubbing it in), but last week, I received a very pleasing email about my paper models. “I was at Imagineering about two weeks ago. As we were walking though the halls, […]

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50th Edition

I’ve been debating whether or not to write this; I don’t want to give too much away. I think this is the fourth or fifth time that I’ve tried to write. The 50th edition of the Disney Experience is one month away, and I’ve been digging up a bunch of things for the event. The […]

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A Greater, Bigger, Beautiful Tomorrow

I’ve been chugging along on the new site design. At first, the whole thing was mostly green. Worse! It was sea green—I was beginning to get sea sick. But I’ve added some oranges, yellows, and blues, so it really looks nice. The animations are taking the longest even though they’re simple. I’m constantly changing things, […]

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A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

As is my custom, I have begun (very) early work on the next design for the Disney Experience. I thought I’d do a more futuristic, angular design. So far, I only have the main menu designed, and it’s looking too cold and steril—not very Disneyesque. But I just got an idea that may help with […]

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