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An Early Start

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Well, everything seems to be in order . . . and a little early I might add. If I’m feeling kind, the Haunted Experience may be up some time this evening. I’ve also started work on a new version of the Haunted Experience. The new version will, of course, take place in the Haunted Mansion, […]

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While I’ve been busy getting ready for the Haunted Experience, finishing the train station model, and doing several other things, I’ve forgotten to create a new set of villain icons for next Sunday’s site update. I have one week left to get everything done, and there’s so much to do! If I run out of […]

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A Little Black Cloud

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I had a chat this afternoon with the person who runs the server that hosts the Disney Experience, and I’ve come across some exciting but disturbing news. It seems that the site has become far more popular than what the server host likes. Here are some traffic (bandwidth) figures from November 2004 to August 2005: […]

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