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Oh What a Merry Christmas Day

Snow White's Wishing Well Paper Model

During the past month or so, I have been working on something special. As a Christmas gift to you, I present the Snow White’s Wishing Well paper model. If you download the files, you’ll also discover a bonus model: a miniature version of the wishing well to accompany the Sleeping Beauty Castle paper model. Now […]

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Tomorrow Is Happening Today

The Tomorrowland Contest  is here, and it’s going to be the biggest contest ever! There are multiple Tomorrowland-themed prizes to be won, and I’m in the process of securing even more. Yeah, I really dipped into my wallet on this one. There’s nothing like the spirit of Christmas to make you throw caution to the […]

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The Yippie Invasion Diorama

Dan Howland (Danny’s Land) sent in his modification of the Sleeping Beauty Castle paper model. It’s a recreation of a New York Times photo of a police barrier in from of the castle during the 1970 Yippie invasion. Since I’m not familiar with this event and its possible controversial nature, I’m not sure if I […]

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A Hot Holiday Topic

Lately, the Disney paper models have been the subject of great conversation, especially on the MiceChat message board. Some people are building models for friends and family for the holidays, and one person is using them as part of a highly special occasion (I promised not to tell). Unfortunately, I’ve had to temporarily discontinue a […]

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An Unfortunate Event

Computer Graph Stock Image

Due to the extremely high bandwidth use last month (over 104 Gigs), draining the donations in excess. To minimize future costs, I’ve had to start blacking out projects. So far, the only casualty is the Sleeping Beauty Castle paper model, which is one of the biggest bandwidth monsters. I will be monitoring downloads for the […]

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