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The Heat Gets to You Sometimes

The heat can make you think crazy things. Lately, I’ve been having this crazy idea for a new paper model. Actually, it would be an addition to an existing paper model. I have a craving to design the berm that holds up the Main Street train station. It would include the well-known floral Mickey, hand […]

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New Compass

To recreate the spinner for the Jack Sparrow Compass paper model, I referred to a photo of the film prop, which was temporarily on display at Disneyland’s Disney Gallery when the first film debuted. When I saw the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, one thing that I noticed was that the spinner in Jack […]

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A Documented Build

Over at, Kevin G has started an excellent photo documentation of his build of the Wicked Wench paper model. He documents not only mistakes, but also alternate building suggestions, and recommendations. All-in-all, it’s very informative and helpful if you plan on building the model yourself.

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Trimming the Fat

Computer Graph Stock Image

The Wicked Wench is a wild success! But, it’s coming with a hefty price. Yes, you guessed it: bandwidth, and lots of it. It’s only been 1 week, and I’ve already exceeded my monthly limit of free bandwidth (20GB). Of course, I’m sure the Jack Sparrow compass that was released yesterday did its fair share. […]

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“We Have Our Heading”

Jack Sparrow's Compass Paper Model

Today (July 7) is my birthday, but YOU get the present! With all of the hype from the Pirates of the Caribbean, a person could easily get lost in it. Not to worry though, because you can have Jack Sparrow’s compass to guide you through it all. Or would it just drag you farther in? […]

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