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Fanning the Flame

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! The air is charged with holiday spirit, and that means adrenaline rushes for me . . . and great news for you. The paper model holiday sale (Nov 23-26) is officially in full swing, I’m anxiously awaiting some juicy turkey (and a visit from my Nephew), and the Christmas tree farm opens […]

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It’s About Time

Moving Picture Machine

Finally, I’ve released the Moving Picture Machine. I’ve been meaning to release it a lot sooner, but something always came up that took precedence. There was even a time that I thought I had to finish putting the files together—only to find out that it had been finished long ago. Why don’t I remember finishing […]

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Upgrading Compatibility

This edition marks a big leap in icon compatibility. First off, I’ve worked diligently to upgrade every single icon to be compatible with all Windows systems, including Windows Vista. Each icon now has multiple sizes and color depths, the primary sizes being 32×32, 24×24, and 16×16. If you’re running Windows XP or Vista, you’re going […]

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Adobe Reader: The Snapshot Tool

Here’s a nifty tip for those of you who build my paper models (and other models in PDF format). If you ever find yourself needing to print a single model part or a small section of a page, you can potentially save yourself a lot of ink. Here’s what to do: Open the file in […]

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