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A Tiny Slip-Up

Compass Spinner Modification

I made a tiny mistake not too long ago and accidentally released the new compass spinner mod before this update. If you caught it, I hope you’re enjoying it. The new compass spinner is designed after the one used in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films.

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New Toys

Ever since I picked up my 2-disc copy of Dead Man’s Chest, I’ve been running the film forward and back like crazy! I have screen shots of the final details for the Dead Man’s Chest paper model. Within the coming weeks, I hope to return to the model and finally begin work on the textures. […]

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Check out Jonathan’s completed Wicked Wench model. The cabin windows even light up, which I thought about doing (along with the lamps). I’m glad someone finally did it. There are tons of photos (4 pages) showing the construction as well as many modifications. This is a MUST SEE!

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Ready to Burst

There are now 600 icons created to date, including those designed for and It’s safe to say that the vault is beginning to burst at the seams, and I’m starting to mull around an idea that I swore I would never to do. The vault may be opening it’s doors to the public […]

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