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Mark Twain Update 1

Stairs are a pain in the butt! The CG model is nearly finished. The forward stairs still need to be placed, then everything has to be given a once-over for mistakes/problem areas, and it finally gets pulled apart. I also have to remember to design some supports for the inside of the hull; I wouldn’t […]

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More Models

1998 Space Mountain Paper Model

The 1998 colorized version of Space Mountain is now available to download. I also took some time to address some issues on a nearly-forgotten paper model. On a whim, I fixed some collapse issues on the Skyway Bucket model. Three hours, a few new pieces, and a few instruction pages later, I have fixed the […]

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TOT Rediscovered

Tower of Terror Paper Model Wallpaper

During a recent file cleaning through the paper models, an old Tower of Terror wallpaper was discovered. I don’t remember making it, but it was obviously intended to be released along with the model. How odd. The wallpaper is created from the teaser Flash film (bonus content on CD) that was posted on the site […]

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