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Sprucing Up

With all of these talks with Disney, I’ve been revisiting some of the old paper models. With the creation of the Wicked Queen’s Heart Box, I’ve created a new, standard layout for the instruction sheets. The new format makes it very easy to change an image or edit text; I used to create them in […]

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Behold: Her Heart!

The Wicked Queen's Heart Box Paper Model

A new paper model has popped up at the Paper Model Store: The Wicked Queen’s Heart Box. The box is approximately life-size (it’s hard to be exact by studying the animated feature), and the dagger really goes through the heart. The model is only available as a download purchase at the moment; CD content has […]

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Triple Feature

Goofy Avatar

This update is a triple feature that began with this 1600×1200 wallpaper based on the opening scene of the classic Goofy cartoons. Following the wallpaper, a new user image was inevitable. Of course, if Goofy is removed from the new wallpaper, you get an updated version of the old yellow starburst wallpaper.

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New Store

I finally found a way to offer digital file purchases for the Paper Model Store. Not only that, but the new cart system is much easier to use, and all products can be mixed and matched. It’s too bad that I discovered this new cart system shortly before the store is to close. When? I […]

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Digital Purchases

You’ve all been screaming about it, and now it’s here. You can now purchase certain models as downloads. That means no CDs, no shipping charges on the items, and no waiting for the packages to arrive in the mail (perfect for international customers). There are some drawbacks, though. All download purchases cannot be combined with […]

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