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A Little Piece of Disney

Since I’m spending so much time on my Sleeping Beauty Castle diorama, I thought I’d share some photos of the current construction. There’s still plenty of work to do, like add trees, bushes, water, etcetera. I’ve found a nearby hobby shop, so I hope to check that out soon. I think white birch trees will […]

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Still Alive

I’m still alive. I’ve been working on rebuilding the new Sleeping Beauty Castle model. I had to order some LED lights, so I’m waiting on those. In the meantime, I will be working on the landscaping. The tricky part is figuring out what to use as water—yes, there will be a moat. I’ve been searching […]

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A Fresh Dusting of Pixie Dust

Sleeping Beauty Castle Paper Model

In July of 2006, I began a project to update an old paper model, however the project was put on hold soon after it started. This year, I’ve re-opened and finished the project. Here are some of the features of Sleeping Beauty Castle 2.0: New brick and stone textures. New wood textures. Minor color corrections. […]

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