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Beware the Eye of Mara

Temple of the Forbidden Eye Paper Model

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is finally released today! And to celebrate the good professor’s adventures, here is the Temple of the Forbidden Eye paper model. This last-minute design is chock full of details from the Mara mural inside the temple to the cracks and moss. Thanks goes to Joe Cardello […]

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Photoshop Video

As promised, here’s one time-lapse video of the Photoshop work that I did for the Temple of the Forbidden Eye paper model. This particular video show the creation of a tile that loops around the temple’s base. A few more videos (and photos) can be found here, including a CG fly-through, recreating the Mara mural, […]

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Winning the Battle and Pressing Forward

I’ve been battling a cold for the past week, suffering through constant headaches, dizziness, clogged sinuses, and drowsiness. Despite it all, I’ve managed to push forward. A few days ago, I managed to start on a new paper model. I’m having some problems with it, but that’s most likely due to my lack of focus. […]

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Summer of Adventure

Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries Logo

With the new Indiana Jones movie coming out, I’ve been getting swept away with all of the hoopla. I’m a fan of the films and the Disney attractions. And what better way to get me even more excited than combining the two? I just discovered that Disneyland will be having live-action events that take place […]

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