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Please Pass the SketchUp

It was time for a little more cleaning of the ol’ inbox, and I rediscovered a little Internet gem that was sent in by Taylor Baird. Someone on the Atari forums is using Google SketchUp to recreate Disneyland Paris for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. There are pages and pages of posts to flip through, but the […]

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Another Wall•E Papercraft

"Wall-E Mega Models" Book

Another Wall•E model has popped up, this time it’s an official model direct from Disney. The actual model is far simpler than the one pictured, so it is misleading. Maybe Disney has a better version hiding someplace. Although this model was only sent to Disney Visa card holders, it has popped up all over the […]

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3 Disney Home Makeovers

Steve Guizzo sent me a link to a Jungle Cruise inspired playhouse that he built for his two daughters. It’s certainly amazing, and it definitely screams “Jungle Cruise.” While at the Instructables site, I came across a few more Disney inspired home projects. For example, Steve also has a Jungle Cruise/Indiana Jones bar. This guy […]

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An Early Start

Doorless Chambers Logo

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on the Doorless Chambers event, specifically trying to figure out what I’m going to do about treats. Since I have two Web sites participating, I have to design two different treats. And since I’ve recently widened the participation requirements to include any creative Disney enthusiast (regardless of any Web […]

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