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New Downloads

"Nightmare Before Christmas" Icon Set

I’ve decided to start adding more external links to the site. There are some downloads out there that are just too good not to report them here. Check out these uber-sweet icon sets from the Iconfactory. This set contains 13 icons designed by Louie Mantia: Curly-top Hill, Santa Shadow, Oogie Boogie Shadow, Lock, Shock, Barrel, […]

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New Server

The site has recently changed servers. I’ve had to re-allocate a lot of my spare time to paying clients, preventing me from keeping up my end of a contract with the owner of the previous server. Living in Southern California’s county with the highest rate of unemployment, I have to really manage my time well. […]

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Gift Submissions

I’ve been receiving some pretty imaginative gift submissions. I’m enjoying both reading them and pondering over their creation. I only have a month before the next one is released, so I’d better get cracking.

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Gift #1

Demon Clock Paper Model

The very first gift is a simple one, since it was already made, but never publicly released. The Demon Clock paper model features an animated minute hand and pendulum, both activated by turning the crank on the backside. And speaking of Haunted Mansion paper models, be sure to check out Ray Keim’s new tombstone model.

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