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Some Movies

As the CG model of Sleeping Beauty Castle nears it’s end, here are a few interactive virtual reality movies to play with. What you see is basically the final basic form, although some tweaking will be done, and an internal support structure will be created. After that, the CG model will be broken down into […]

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Thanks for the Help

Castle Details

Thank-you to everyone who helped with the Sleeping Beauty Castle model by sending in needed photos and photo links. Here’s a new batch of details that I’m looking for: Stained glass window. It seems nobody takes a picture of this one window. I wouldn’t know that it existed if I had not watched a YoutTube […]

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"It Started Out as a Feeling . . ."

It’s finally begun, but I’m taking my time. Since I don’t have any elevation plans, I have to do this from many reference photos, hoping to get the shapes and sizes just right. As the model progresses, I may require some help from anyone who may be visiting the park and are willing to take […]

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Rank: 197,949

Quantcast Chart

“This site reaches over 15,530 monthly people, of which 6,354 (41%) are in the U.S. The site is popular among a [household] income up to $60k, youthful crowd.” Last year (I believe it was last year), I signed the Disney Experience up for site survey and analytics. Just for fun, mind you. Today, I looked […]

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