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Drag On

Fantasmic! Header

The new Fantasmic! dragon was supposed to debut today, but that may not be so. The early-morning press performance was canceled, and there’s no word if the dragon will debut for the public in tonight’s performance.

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Post-War Rebuilding: Mid-’40s to the Early 1950s

With the end of the war, Walt and Roy found inventive new outlets for animation and ventured into live-action production. They developed new package films for theaters that combined shorts and feature-length animated films, as well as movies that combined live action and animation. In addition, the Studio produced the enormously successful Cinderella, Alice in […]

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So Many Towers!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

If I ever see another tower again, it’ll be too soon! The Disneyland® Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle paper model is finished . . . sans any final corrections and the illustrated instructions. There are so many towers on this sucker. There are also many windows, so it’ll be a challenge for any of you to […]

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The Late ’30s to Mid ’40s

This difficult period in Walt’s life included the deaths of his parents, a studio strike that threatened the company’s viability, and a period when the U.S. military used part of the studio as a base.  The company released Dumbo and produced training films for the military, public service shorts, and morale-boosting films, and Walt embarked […]

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New Success and Greater Ambitions

The worldwide success of Snow White let Disney Studios create new studio buildings in Burbank, CA, and produce even more ambitious features, such as Bambi, Pinocchio and Fantasia. The last film featured classical music and an orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski. Although well regarded by critics, none of the films was immediately financially successful, in […]

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Wishing Stars

Wishing Stars Logo

I wish I had an iPhone! Wishing Stars is a new iPhone game that you play inside Disneyland. Using the built-in GPS feature of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, you wander around the park looking for wishing stars that are broken into several pieces. I first heard about this game on an episode of […]

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