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Dragging Knuckles

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I know it’s been a little slow around here lately, but I am knee-deep in client work, eBay scams, and all manners of Halloween preparations. Speaking of Halloween, this is just a little reminder about Doorless Chambers. There is roughly 1 week left to sign up! The number of participants is a tad low this […]

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Remembering Walt Disney

Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966. Reactions from around the world, in newspaper articles, editorial comment, and letters and telegrams present an appreciation of the joy, hope, and inspiration Walt provided to millions of people around the world.

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Hidden Mickeys: Part 1

Over a month ago, I wrote about the new Wishing Stars game for the iPhone. Now, while we’d all like to have fun playing a game at Disneyland, we don’t all have iPhones. We cannot afford one, we don’t have access to one, or we have yet to buy one. Bummer! What do you do? […]

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Forty bucks, huh? As a reminder, and as a notice to everyone new: please do not sell the paper models. It’s illegal, it violates the attached license agreement, and it violates at least two points in an official Disney contract. You WILL be reported. Paper models are to remain FREE (hence, no selling!), and the […]

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The 1950s and 1960s: The Big Screen and Beyond

This prolific period of Walt’s life started with the installation of a scale model railroad on the grounds of his new home, an event that spurred him to develop Disneyland. Walt also created pioneering weekly television shows, and the studio continued creating both animated and live-action films, including the Academy Award™-winning Mary Poppins. Walt was […]

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Walt and the Natural World

This post is a bit late because we never received the press release email. We’re one of the first on the mailing list, so how we got skipped over is beyond anyone. It happens; programs are not perfect. Walt—who had a love of nature since his youth in Marceline—also ventured into live-action documentaries during the […]

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