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Shop at Trader Sam’s!

Ever since I discovered Dave Lowe’s Para Abnormal comic, I’ve been hooked on them. Last week, on his Blog, he had a little Disneyland photo contest. The winner got their name hidden in one of Dave’s comics. Out of a whopping three entrants, can you guess who won?

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Mousetalgia Logo

First off, I don’t have a small head. What I do have is an awesome two-for-one special. I’ll tell you about it some time. Secondly . . . woo-hoo! My email was read on the 50th episode of Mousetalgia! I was hoping it would get on there. You can listen to an edited snippet, above, […]

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I recently had access to a Kindle, one of Amazon‘s eBook readers. It supports PDF files, which got me thinking about if it could be used to display paper model instructions. Some of my instructions can be lengthy (measured in pages), especially for the more complex paper models. Printing them does waste ink and paper […]

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Papercraft Progress

I waited from 6 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. to specifically sign for the letter of termination. Inside the cardboard FedEx envelope was a single sheet of paper from the Walt Disney Internet Group (they’re still using that name and logo?). In a nutshell, the tiny paragraph simply said that my contract has officially come to […]

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