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Special Thanks

For many years, I’ve had a special thanks logo on the site. When I began my contract with Disney, I had to remove third-party advertising. When the contract ended, the logo came back. I’m speaking, of course, of the logo. It used to sit at the foot of the website, but has found a […]

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Win a Free Child’s Movie Admission! (ends 12-9-09)

When I was last at Disneyland, I received a card good for $8 towards a child’s ticket to the Princess and the Frog. Since most child movie tickets cost less than $8, it translates into a free ticket. Everyone who purchased an in-park item ($10 minimum, I think), got one of these cards. This thing […]

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#999 & #1000

I just recieved an interesting email from David Occhino, designer of the Mansion 3.0 & Mansion Cryptbats fonts. He noticed that my death certificate is #1001. If you look in the lower-right corner of the certificate, you’ll see that it is numbered ‘0-001-001’. It turns out that each certificate has its own unique number. For […]

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