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Glorious Guest-submitted Art

Oh my gosh, it’s finally happened! The Earth has been thrown off of its axis! Dogs and cats are getting along! The dead are rising from their graves, and pigs are flying! We have a Fan Board update without a submission from Becky! Just kidding, Becky. You’ll probably get back at me by inundating my […]

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Digging Up Treasure

"Treasures of the Caribbean" Logo

I’ve been digging through the series of tubes, called the Internet, and I think I’ve come up with some nice pirate-themed goodies for the “Treasures of the Caribbean” contest. Let me know what you think . . .

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Desktop Mania

The Shadow Man Wallpaper

It’s time for another wacky mix of awesome wallpapers designed by Louie Mantia and Gedeon Maheux. Be sure to check out the “Shadowman” wallpaper. Designed by Louie Mantia. Designed by Louie Mantia. Designed by Louie Mantia. Designed by Louie Mantia. Designed by Louie Mantia. Designed by Gedeon Maheux.

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The Art Corner: Never

Recently—if you can call 2006 recent—and very briefly, I once again toyed with the idea of renaming the Disney Experience. I wanted something that more easily conveyed the idea of good ol’ fashioned Disney magic. Let’s face it: “The Disney Experience” does sound a little . . . corporate. Just a little.

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It’s Finished

As promised, here it is. The image is stereoscopic, so cross your eyes to see it in 3-D. You can view more images from the creation process over at my portfolio site.

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Alice, Dear, Where Have You Been?

On Tuesday, the soundtrack to Alice in Wonderland came out. If you act quickly, you can download the first track for FREE on You’ll need an account, which is free, to get the free track. Since I’ve been a little dubious about downloading the whole soundtrack (only $8!), I’ve got “Alice’s Theme” playing on […]

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