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Thank You, Walt Disney

The non-profit organization Thank You Walt Disney, Inc. is in the midst of saving and restoring Walt’s Laugh-O-Gram studio, originally scheduled for demolition. Thankfully, the Kansas City building was saved. We will restore Walt’s studio to its original 1922 condition, telling his inspiring story. We will build an animation lab for future generations to study […]

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A Second Disneyland in Anaheim!?

I tweeted this a while ago, but I thought I’d mention it here in more depth. Castle Peak and Thunder Railroad is a G-scale railroad layout containing several iconic Disneyland attractions. It was built by architect David Sheegog and he occasionally holds open house tours so you can see it in person. The whole thing […]

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“What Dreams Are Made of”

Congratulations to Will and Ashley, married January 22, 2011! I’ve heard of people wanting to use paper models as centerpieces at their wedding, but I’ve never seen it actually done. To get a video is just simply awesome! Look closely, and you’ll see models from other designers, too. The reception took place in the Grand […]

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets

Continuing my discoveries of wonderful Disney websites, I thought I’d share the main resource that I used for designing the Disneyland ticket wallpapers. Vintage Disneyland Tickets is a blog dedicated to . . . you guessed it . . . the history of vintage Disneyland tickets. It’s actually much more than that, because it includes […]

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Vintage Photos

It seems that every time I take photos of the parks I have high expectations that the photos will look stunning the moment I see them on a large screen. Inevitably I find myself disappointed at just how booooring the pics turn out. “Golly… these look outright crummy!”, I shout. I’m no professional photographer and […]

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