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Scale Roulette

When it comes to original Disney Experience paper models, it’s anybody’s guess what scale the models will be. Truthfully, I don’t worry about scale. I design them to be large so that I can fit a good amount of graphic detail in, they’re easier to assemble (some large-fingered guests have thanked me for this), and […]

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Christmas in July: A Hallmark Moment

Christmas comes early every July! That’s when the Hallmark stores release their first wave of Keepsake Ornaments. July 16-17 was this year’s debut. I typically collect only Disney ornaments, and this year, I have my eye on three. Over the weekend, I picked up the Clock Cleaners ornament, which features movement, light, and sound. Both […]

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Hawaiian Rollercoaster

Lilo & Stitch Font

This is one elusive font! Ever since the movie came out, I have received queries about the existence of a Lilo & Stitch font. Luckily, Steve created Buka Bird back in 2009, and has shared a link to all of his font creations. If you follow the link, you will also discover Market Deco, the […]

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“The Old Man and the Caribbean Sea”

This sample chapter was sent to me, and thought it was an amusing tale that I had to share. The chapter comes from an ebook, Stories from a Theme Park Insider, containing 40 Cast Member stories from Walt Disney World. “Sorry for the hold-up, folks. Seems to be a slow-moving train up ahead. You just […]

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Disneyland in HDR

Yesterday, I was introduced to a wonderful little website called Tours Departing Daily (TDD). TDD features photos of the Disneyland Resort in HDR (high dynamic range). And, these photos are drop-dead gorgeous! I fell in love with the New Orleans Square and Adventureland ones, making them my new set of rotating Desktop wallpapers. HDR photos […]

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Ah, another long-overdue update. But, it’s a big one! Check out the E82 wallpapers (14 in all!) designed by Joshua. He’s always adding more, so check in on his site for the latest and greatest. Although I haven’t posted much in a while, I am still working on things and collecting goodies from around the […]

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