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“Cars” Hoopla

Lightning McQueen Paper Model

There’s been some hoopla over the Cars paper models lately. I finally removed Webdude’s models, because it looked like his website had vanished from the Internet for good, despite rumors that it would be back soon. A few days later, I found links to his models on a file sharing site, so the models were […]

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Buena Vista Street

As an artist, the highlight of the D23 event had to be the Buena Vista Street preview panel, hosted by Lisa Girolami, Ray Spencer, and Coulter Winn. It’s a very fascinating look at the architecture, color design, and layout of the new area.

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The Die Is Cast

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the D23 weekend. I know I did. I still am, really. There are more YouTube videos to watch, articles to read, and Imagineering concept art to drool over (where’s my bucket). The only bit of new news (for me) is the upcoming Fantasy Faire, which will replace the Carnations […]

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How the Natives Dance

I know that some cultures have complex rites and rituals, but I didn’t know that some of them have gone high-tech! Check out edsel12’s Disneyland photos for behind-the-scenes images of some of your favorite attractions. They’re pretty neat, and very revealing (spoiler alert!). Boy, I wish I could kick back in the Pirates of the […]

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5 New USPS Disney Stamps

On Friday, August 19, the United States Postal Service will release a new set of First-Class stamps based on five Disney·Pixar animated features. They will be released as Forever stamps, which will always be worth the most current value of First-Class Mail one-ounce postage. You can pre-order these stamps online at the Postal Store.

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Trader Sam and the Search for the Lost Photos

Camera Stock Image

Sounds like an Indiana Jones flick, doesn’t it? Kidding aside, if you’ve been nosing around on the Flickr account looking for the paper model photos, you will not find them. I recently discovered that the yearly upgrade ($24.95 for Flickr Pro) has expired and is due for renewal (ya think I would have gotten an […]

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A Rainbow of Color

Skyway Modification

Thanks to Becky’s suggestion, you can now build the Skyway Bucket paper model in all five colors. The original model file contains the orange bucket; the modification file contains parts for blue, red, turquoise, and yellow buckets.

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