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DCA Posters

California Screamin' Poster

Disney has been releasing these wonderful posters for a while. I love the clean, simple lines. They really harken back to the retro Disneyland posters that did pretty much the same, but with a more organic, hand-made look. The style definitely fits the themes of early-mid 1900’s boardwalk (Paradise Pier) and Los Angeles (Buena Vista […]

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Mara Font

“Forbidden Eye” is a replacement for the old “Mara” font. David has cleaned up the vectors, added punctuation, and greatly improved the kerning (the space between letters). It’s such a vast improvement!

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More than Just Wallpaper

Ever feel like getting creative? Well, the wallpapers are more than just for decorating your computer’s desktop if you have a little imagination. Many of the newer wallpapers are in high resolution, so they can be printed at a fairly large size. I use my wallpapers to create custom mouse pads (fullscreen wallpapers work best). […]

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Have a Ball

On October 15, Thank You Walt Disney, Inc. will be having their Haunted Mansion Costume Ball to help raise funds to preserve Walt Disney’s original Laugh-O-Grams Studio. The party (8pm to midnight) will be held at the Arts Tech Gallery in Kansas City, where there will be food, drinks, and dancing. Original Haunted Mansion merchandise […]

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Monthly Giveaway: September, 2011

All $1-minimum donations are automatically entered to win. Donations must be received by September 30 (Pacific Time). Winners are selected at random. Yeah, you read that right. One dollar! Wait . . . there’s more. Each dollar donated counts as a separate entry, increasing your chances of winning a prize. How awesome is that!? Are […]

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Ghoulish Delight

Welcome to the 10th annual Haunted Experience site makeover! We’re a month early this year due to this month’s giveaway, sponsored by Plus, I thought it would be fun to extend the Halloween season here for a change. Firefox*, Chrome, and Safari users, beware! If you haven’t experienced it yet, there is a ghoul […]

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