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Ward Kimball in Perris

The other day, after I got my hair cut, I noticed a small image in the distance out of the corner of my eye. It was a lucky catch. I swore that I saw a solid, white silhouette of Jiminy Cricket above the name ‘Perris.’ I tried to get a good look from where I […]

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Spread the Magic

I was wrapping presents last night when I suddenly ran out of gift tags. Out of necessity, I spent several hours designing some Disney-themed gift tags, featuring artwork from the Desktop Wallpapers. I also used my Craft ROBO to cut them out. Then, I thought that this would be a perfect Craft ROBO project for […]

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Carolwood Pacific Wallpaper

For me, the holiday season means trains! I set up train sets around the Christmas tree (which make my Nephews go ga-ga), Becky plasters the Fan Board with her own holiday train layout, and the Orange Empire Railway Museum has both their Santa meet/greet and Thomas the Tank Engine (I can hear the toots and […]

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Paper Model Tuts

Julius Perdana over at Paper Relika is beginning a new tutorial series on how to create your own paper models using Gmax, Pepakura Designer, and Inkscape. Follow along as he posts more tutorials. As always, you can get a glimpse of my own paper model design process (I still need to finish writing it).

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Catching Up Again

It’s time for another round of catch-up for the Fan Board. I really want to get completely caught up this month, because there are some pretty neat holiday-related submissions, like Becky’s annual Christmas layout. Speaking of which, Classic Toy Trains Magazine wants to do a story on Becky’s layout. She actually has three layouts, and […]

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The Holiday Sandwich

WDW 'E' Ticket Wallpaper

Let’s kick off the holidays by finishing up the Walt Disney World ticket series of wallpapers. Halloween came and went, and suddenly the holidays were upon us. Where did the time go? Suddenly, it was time to shop for presents, decorate, wrap, and inventory. I always do a visual inventory of holiday decorations, wrapping papers, […]

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