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“Brave” Banners

The Disney Experience

DunBroch Clan Wallpaper

Show your clan colors with these four Brave wallpapers featuring the Macintosh, MacGuffin, DunBroch, and Dingwall crests. Designed, of course, by Louie Mantia.

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Beck’s Beginning

Trader Sam

TRON: Uprising

Disney has posted the first episode of “TRON: Uprising” onto YouTube. Immediately, the visual style of the characters remind me of the MTV animated series “Aeon Flux” (which I enjoyed). Everyone has long, thin arms & legs, short torsos, and exaggerated facial features. It’s a little funky at first, but the style quickly grows on […]

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Desktop Dress-up

The Disney Experience

Kermit the Frog Wallpaper

This wallpaper double-whammy is brought to you by Louie Mantia. They’re a nice juxtaposition of color and theme.

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