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Soundboard: The Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion Soundboard

If you enjoyed Richard’s Pirates of the Caribbean soundboard, you’ll enjoy his Haunted Mansion soundboard. Designed specifically for Apple iPhones, but compatible with Google Android devices, this soundboard (see instructions on the website) plays audio clips from the Disney theme park attraction.

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Halloween Boogie-Woogie

The Hollywood Tower Hotel presents Haunted Halloween Hits

According to lore, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was struck by lightning on Halloween night, 1939. In an interesting college design project, Richard assumes “that since it was Halloween night, the Tip Top Club would have hosted a masquerade party. So what kind of music would they have played at Halloween within the Hotel? Out of […]

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Becky’s In a Magazine

sic Toy Trains Magazine Logo

Let’s give a shout-out to Becky for getting her Disney Christmas train layout into the December issue of Classic Toy Trains Magazine. Becky is one of our contributing artists, and she often submits items (often pictures of her expanding train layout) to the Fan Board. Keep an eye out for the magazine in hobby shops […]

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