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New Is Newer

Sample of a New Item

Both an upcoming server upgrade and an upcoming geeky “holiday” have prompted some site-wide code tweaks. All items throughout the site that are no more than one month old (versus the previous age of two weeks) are now marked as “new.” Additionally, the New Downloads page has been expanded to showcase the latest forty-five downloads […]

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Sunken Treasure

"Plunder" Web Page

On September 19, 2013, Disney shut down Pirates of the Caribbean Online for good. During the time that it was up, there was a special hidden plunder page on the Disney Experience where you could download a set of papercraft cursed Aztec coins. You could only find it if you were lucky enough to see it in search results.

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Plus It!

Downloadables on Google+

We don’t link to every papercraft and downloadable item available on the Internet. We could try, but things would get cluttered up very quickly. Plus, not everything is up to par when it comes to quality. But, there are many notable downloads that we should at least mention. Beginning immediately, we will be sharing these […]

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