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Frozen Together

Elsa Bust Paper Model

We finish our princess-themed week with two famous sisters to ease us into the chilly weather of the holiday season. These two large busts are impressive, and they come with custom bases designed for each character.

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A Very Special Cake

DLP Wedding Cake 09

Who knew that I was a cake designer!? I was contacted over the weekend about this tear-jerking masterpiece. It’s a wedding cake that both Bill Macneil and his wife, Lyn, (both from England) created for their daughter’s wedding. Katherine, their daughter, was married in Orlando where everyone had a day trip to the Magic Kingdom.

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Resized Icons

Resizing Cogsworth Icon

Here’s something a little exciting to us. We have just begun resizing our original 32×32 icons to include sizes up to 512×512! Before, they only had 32×32, 24×24, and 16×16 sizes. The larger images are still pixelated, but that’s okay. We think it showcases the artistry that went into them.

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