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100 Days of Pins

100 Days of Pins

Calling all Disney pin collectors! Our friends over at are having another big pin event beginning August 1st at 7am PST (10am EST). . . 10 pins a day for 100 days. That’s 1,000 pins!

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Box Heads

Mickey and Minnie Box Head Papercrafts

These cool retro-looking papercrafts were designed by Kwang tatt Yang. After you download them, have a look at some of his other Disney box heads that he has available on his website.

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Millennium Falcon Build Journal No. 02: Issues 1-4

Millennium Falcon Build Journal Logo

The first package arrived exactly one week after ordering the subscription. The box was small, and everything fit just right.

The magazines are standard sizes as far as magazines go, and are only 13 pages long. Issue 2 arrived damaged, with a bent corner and a small tear, but nothing to really complain about. I foresee these things getting a lot of use over the next two years as I rifle through them for reference.

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Falling Apart

Doorless Chambers Logo

It is my unfortunate displeasure to announce the second death of the Doorless Chambers website. Due to the lack of time and money on my part, and the lack of interest of the public, I am forced to close it once again.

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Trying to Stay Cool

Anna Summer Bust Paper Model

Summer is upon us, and beating down without remorse . . . especially here in Southern California. Let’s try to take our minds off of both the heat and drought by working on some Frozen papercrafts brought to us by Orel67.

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Cut Scene

Cut Scene: Freezing Chamber

In 2012, Marc Hagan-Guirey left his job to explore a personal project that became an art exhibition called Horrorgami. Today, he is working on a new exhibition, Cut Scene, which was fully-funded on Kickstarter within 16 days. Cut Scene represents Marc’s most detailed work to date, learning and improving from his previous work in Horrorgami.

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