#999 & #1000

Posted November 2, 2009 by Trader Sam

death_certificateI just recieved an interesting email from David Occhino, designer of the Mansion 3.0 & Mansion Cryptbats fonts. He noticed that my death certificate is #1001. If you look in the lower-right corner of the certificate, you’ll see that it is numbered ‘0-001-001’. It turns out that each certificate has its own unique number.

For the two folks who have lucky numbers 999 (0-000-999) and 1000 (0-001-000), David is offering a FREE copy of his Mansion 3.0 font! To get the free font set (I just bought mine last night), email David a copy of the PDF certificate. You can contact him through his website, David Occhino Design, and the file must be unaltered. No fakes!

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