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The model page updates are complete, listing 92 different models including:

  • TRON 2.0 Lightcyclist Bust Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Tektonten.
  • Cinderella's Coach Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Cláudio Dias.
  • Piglet Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Ichinogami.
  • Axiom Security Bot Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Julius Perdana.
  • Jack Sparrow Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Kaizo.
  • Chicken Little Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Ichinogami.
  • Kevin Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Julius Perdana.
  • Oogie Boogie Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Ninjatoes.
  • Carl's Flying House Paper ModelVisit Website
    Designed by Julius Perdana.

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There are 8 comments.

  • Lost Boy:

    Regarding the UP House. This is what I don’t like about trying to work with other Paper Models by people who obviously don’t give a damn about the people who download there models. It says right on the first page of the model sheete to “Click Here For Instructions” and when you do, all you get is adds by google and other Disney based Paper models. There are no instructions for any of them. If you click on the “Instructions” link you get a 404 error not found. To be honest after printing out the model and finding many parts not even numbered and a page full of little scale balloon with the note to past the small ballons on light blue hellium filled balloons, ????? How can you do that? I am not the only one begging for instructions on the comment page from this builder, but he/she never replies to any of the comments or requests for help. Bad show.

    • Becky:

      I’ve built some of the models and I know what you mean. Not every model he does has instructions. If you check the “latest updates” type box on the right side of his page you’ll notice that instuctions follow models after a considerable delay. Most of them provided by others.

      The models of his that I’ve done were of WWII Nazi UFO’s or Sonderwaffen. Some of the instructions linked with the individual models are for other versions. I printed the pics of his finished models and extrapolated the un-numbered parts from those and some basic diagrams. If you can manage to crack his models from similar methods the end product is well worth the effort.

      Jules’ primary language isn’t English, so some of his instructions aren’t 100% clear. But I think he means you should find small balloons and inflate them to the size of the provided template to be in scale with the rest of the model. Or you can glue the small printed ballons to the outside of one large helium to get the look of many small ones as your paper house flies away.

    • Trader Sam:

      Some folks don’t mind the lack of instructions. It becomes more challenging that way. I prefer knowing what I’m doing.

      WALL-E is the first time that I’ve put together one of Julius’ models. I’ve already learned that I should have used cardstock instead of regular paper. There’s a technique that relies on multiple layers of cardstock to build up some dimension. Plus, WALL-E’s eyes are smaller than the sockets that they glue into. I’m sure the gap would be reduced with thicker paper.

      Julius has a lot of nice models that I’m eyeballing for future builds.

  • Jim:

    Are you planning on adding navigation links? It’s hard to browse through the pages with the current layout.

    • Trader Sam:

      I just added drop-down boxes to the tops of many pages throughout the site to streamline navigation. After reading your comment, I realize that adding some navigation to the bottom of the pages may be needed, too.

      • Jim:

        A drop-down at the top and navigation at the bottom would be perfect. It’s definitely an improvement over the old layout! Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Trader Sam:

      Well, I’ve removed the drop-down boxes, putting the old links back into the sidebar (left). Should I put the drop-down boxes back? I did place links at the bottom.

      • Jim:

        I think the links in the sidebar are easy to miss, but the current layout works without them.

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