My First Book

Trader Sam

Ah, my very first book! And, what better way to celebrate piracy than by buying  a pirate ship?

This paperback book features my Wicked Wench paper model (download it for FREE), and it costs $24.99 (plus $5 S&H). Both illustrated instructions and full-color model parts are included. If you mess up on any of the parts . . . buy another book and start over. No refunds accepted.

The cover features my blue starburst wallpaper, and the logo doubles as the display plaque. The exterior pages are in Chinese while the inside remains in English. If you don’t speak either language, fear not! The assembly instructions are fully illustrated.

Those pesky copyright, website, and designer credits have all been removed from every single page, so there’s no slowing you down. There may be some blatantly obvious Disney-copyrighted material contained within, but it was felt that permission wasn’t needed to make a profit.

Quantities are limited, so get your copy before they’re all gone!

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  • Trader Sam:

    Thanks, Becky!

    • Becky:

      Yeah I thought you’d be as (un)amused with this one as I was. Looks like they tried to partially erase some of your watermarks too. Keep us posted (if you can) about the how’s and when’s when Disney legal goes after them.

      I don’t know what is going on over there as this is the second time this kind of nonsense has come out of China. The first time as your fans may recall, led to the temporary loss of all pm downloads on your site while you sorted out what to do to protect them better. But since you ended up getting official sanction from the Disney Co. for your work it didn’t end up too badly that time. Let’s hope something good comes your (and our) way this time.

      Anyhoo. I like the new font you’re using in the headers.

      • Trader Sam:

        Well, I’m not privy to that type of information, which is kinda nice since I don’t have to get too involved. It’s business between them and Disney. So far, the auction has been removed from eBay.

        Most scams originate from China and Japan. Everyone else (for the most part) pretty much plays nice.

  • Jim:

    Wow, what a bargain! Don’t forget the totally useless book binding that you can keep when you’re finished! Use it to prop up the short leg on your table!

  • Taylordisney:

    It is kinda funny how Japan and China like to create rip offs of everything Disney! I mean have you seen Nara Dreamland? If not google it, it is a complete rip off of Disneyland including a very accurate replica of the Main Street station and not so accurate replicas of the Matterhorn, the castle, the jungle cruise, and much much more…

    • Trader Sam:

      Oh, yes, I have seen it. It’s scary!

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