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Recently—if you can call 2006 recent—and very briefly, I once again toyed with the idea of renaming the Disney Experience. I wanted something that more easily conveyed the idea of good ol’ fashioned Disney magic. Let’s face it: “The Disney Experience” does sound a little . . . corporate. Just a little.

What do folks associate with Disney magic? Pixie dust, right? You can’t have Disney magic without a liberal sprinkling of pixie dust. What else . . . ? How about that invigorating feeling of adventurous youth no matter how old you are? A place where you never grow old, and fun is around every corner if you dare to look for it (and sometimes it finds you). Kind of like . . . Neverland.

No, not Michael Jackson’s; Peter Pan’s Neverland. To get there, you follow the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. The star was to feature prominently in the website’s logo, and the name would be shortened to “Never” so as not to imply too much of a link to the Disney animated classic.

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Sadly, Never never was. All that exists are these two sketches.

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There are 7 comments.

  • Len Johnson:

    How about the “Cloud Ship Disney”

  • Len Johnson:

    or The Cloud Ship Never

  • austin:

    never is great and i have a few ideas for names from various Disney names and words

    Keys To The Kingdom

  • austin:

    how about Started By A Mouse

    • Trader Sam:
      • austin:

        oh ok im sorry but the name was a good idea

  • austin:

    another idea i have is Stonecutters Quill after the hint left by Walt Disney in the Kingdom Keepers book

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