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I’ve been digging through the series of tubes, called the Internet, and I think I’ve come up with some nice pirate-themed goodies for the “Treasures of the Caribbean” contest. Let me know what you think . . .

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Jack Sparrow compass CD player.
      I bought this years ago and meant to return it to the store (an mp3 player was more desirable). It’s been undisturbed in a closet until now.
  • Revell “Caribbean Pirate Ship” plastic model kit.
      • Originally released in 1960 (in conjunction with Disney) as “Peter Pan’s Pirate Ship Jolly Roger.” The model was/is a replica of the

    Chicken of the Sea pirate ship & restaurant/Captain Hook’s galley

      • (a.k.a. Captain Hook’s pirate ship) that sat in


      • Fantasyland until 1982. When the license with Disney ended, the model kit was re-released under different names.

    I own this model (some day I’ll get around to putting it together), compared it to photos of the real thing, and it is pretty accurate.

  • Various Master Replicas products (Davey Jones’ key, Tia Dalma’s locket, Jack Sparrow’s rings, etc.).
      Lovely replicas worthy of any POTC collector.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray movie trilogy.
      Yes, I said Blu-ray.
  • Olszewski “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction Pokitpal.
  • The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean book.
      Tons of precious artwork from front to back! Most text are captions.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Online game card(s).
  • “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction soundtrack.

If I make it to Disneyland any time soon, I’ll be on the lookout for more attraction-themed items like prints.

I also cannot stress enough how much any type of site donation would be appreciated. Money will be a little tight leading up to this event, so any help with site upkeep would be great!

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There are 17 comments.

  • rafiki:

    Wow! Those all sound fantastic, Sam.

    • Trader Sam:

      Only one person? Really!? I would have figured a bunch of you would have jumped at the news of a new contest. After all, it has been quite a while since we’ve had one.

      • Becky:

        Get a few days of warm weather in the midwest…

        Anyhoo, sounds awesome! You are quite possibly the most generous man on the net! And no, I’m not being facetious.

  • DarkKnightOkSt:

    Sounds good to me

  • hancocp:

    POTC nutcases like me cant wait for this … will be checking the site even more often ;)

  • Joe Soap:

    Sounds awesome! Particularly like the Compass CD player. I’m a cd nut.

  • Joe Soap:

    When will we be told about the competition? Is it open to overseas entries?

    • Trader Sam:

      If it does go through, it will in late Spring/early Summer. Gotta have time to gather prizes (can’t afford it all at once).

      And, yes, it will be open to overseas entries. Although, I’m not sure how something like a Blu-ray or DVD zoned for the U.S. will do much good for someone in another country. The same may also go for the Pirates of the Caribbean Online game cards.

  • Friend of the Mouse:

    That is quite a list of prizes. I like the idea of the book of art from POTC. I am not a very lucky person when it comes to contests. I will try on this one. Have you decided on a date to begin? 8(:o)

    • Trader Sam:

      Nope. Still working on the prizes. No prizes, no contest, and not much point of setting a date . . . yet.

  • Trader Sam:

    Please note that this is a list of potential prizes.

  • Trader Sam:

    Some prizes have been secured, details are being worked out, and a preview page is being created.

    The contest will be June 1 through June 30. But, you’ll be able to view the trivia questions early. If you’re not a hard-core Disney buff, a) what are you doing here, and b) you will have ample time to dig for the answers.

    • Trader Sam:

      Correction: the dates are May 1 through May 31.

      • Kevin Coombs:

        I for one look forward to this and will have a go.
        all the best

  • LeRoy Valadez:

    Looking forward to a chance at plundering the booty!!

  • Joe Soap:

    We get internationally zoned Blue Ray/DVD players this side, and besides, I can watch it on my PC. Any nice Disney prize, is one I will cherish!

    • Trader Sam:

      The first two movies are region-free, but the third one only plays in region 1. That wouldn’t be fair to all.

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