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Haunted Mansion Icons, Vol. 4

The Disney Experience

Happy Halloween . . . ish greetings. This year’s “Villain Collection” is taken directly from artwork from a long-dead Flash-based version of the Haunted Experience. It may be dead, but we still do a little bit of grave robbing here and there. You can still experience the preview version of the 2007 Haunted Experience interactive Flash content over at Nava Designs.

Now, over the past couple of years, the “Villain Collection” has expanded to include anything and everything from the darker side of Disney . . . and far less focused on the villains. That being the case, this may be the last annual “Villain Collection.” Not that there will not be any villain sets, but we can’t keep using the name when there are, in fact, no villains involved. So, there ya go.

We’re toying with a new name and logo to encompass the dark, creepy, villainous, haunted-mansionish annual tradition. If you have any suggestions or ideas, throw them our way.

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  • Jim Price:

    About a new name for even more sinister enjoyment of the Haunted Mansion at Halloween time. How about “Even Darker Hallways”?

  • George:

    Hey I know this is off topic but… I was on Google Earth and I saw they had Cinderella’s Golden Carousel with all the horses (Disneyland was never modeled)

    So if you ever consider making that one… Try Google Earth!

  • Captain Halfbeard:

    Nice new HM icons! I really dig the Leota’s table and the organ ones. Thanks!

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