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Summer Break

July 30th, 2008

Well, I just got back from spending a few days with family. So, now it’s time to catch up on more email and whatnot. Thanks to everyone who had some great complements and queries.

First off, I am currently in the middle of a Disney Experience site rehab. I’m rebuilding it with CSS, now that I understand how it works. But, I have around 199 pages to convert, which will take me a good week, and I can’t update the site until it’s finished.

Next, are some updates. I’ll be updating the guest comments, and the Fan Board. But the main thing that people are asking about is the Mark Twain paper model. I will be releasing that soon. I originally wanted to release it this month, but I’ve also agreed to guest-blog on whenever a model comes out. As soon as I get some submission guidelines, I can get started on the article. I don’t know what I’ll say, but I’m sure I can find something.

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