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Trader Sam

Here’s a quick update, proving that I am working on the illustrations for the Disneyland Paris: Sleeping Beauty Castle model instructions. I am currently on number 90, and there are plenty more to do. I was hoping to get everything done in time for the holidays or at least the end of the year. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.

On a side note, Becky was smart enough to find a papercraft that I created, which was released over the Summer. It’s not Disney news, so I only posted about it on my art blog (check out the mods people have created). But, here’s Stubby, the official mascot. Download and build your own.

I should note that I did not design the Stubby logo. That credit goes to Greg (last name unknown). I translated an existing 3-D model into a printable paper model, designed the graphics, and created the layouts for the parts and instructions. I was basically given a blank 3-D model and told that the ship was red and white. The rest was all me. Enjoy it.

Robert Nava (aka Trader Sam) was the Independent Artist hired by, to create the Stubby papercraft. This is being disclosed in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  • Becky:

    Yes, the words “DESIGNED BY ROBERT NAVA” screamed at me and I just HAD to look! The link was from the Spacestation 42 ( PM list under the spacecraft models section in case you’re wondering how I found my way to Stubby. You are of course, also mentioned under the section on Castles.

    I usually don’t get into my “rocketry phase” till after the holidays, but I was looking for something to do while my Christmas card designs are still in the pixel stage. So it was a pretty big surprise to see your name and not have it associated with a Disney model!

  • steve:

    cant wait to get the instructions for the castle, ive printed the castle in A3 format and have just finished cutting every piece out (its a lot of pieces). I dont suppose you could release the first few pages?

    Im going to send you pictures as im building, from my estimates the A3 version of the model will be about 1.8 meteres high.

  • Mike Hungerford:

    I assembled a “Stubby” for last weekend’s (February 25-27) ConDor SF convention in San Diego. I added a quick-and-dirty display stand from a piece of coathanger wire that fit between the rocket nozzles.

    You can see “Stubby” on my fan table here:

    The best part is that it went home with Patrick Heffernan from Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, and is most likely on display there by now. :-)

    • Trader Sam:

      Awesome! I never would have thought about using coathanger wire as a stand. I actually want to frame a Stubby rocket inside a frame, but haven’t done so because I don’t know how I want to mount it. I think you just solved my problem!

      I always enjoy seeing my work out in public where people are enjoying them.

      • Mike Hungerford:

        I think yours get built a lot more than mine do.

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