First Release of the Year

The Disney Experience Logo Wallpaper

The Disney Experience

  • The Disney Experience Logo Wallpaper
    A Disney Experience Original

Ah, the first download of the year. This fresh, new wallpaper stems from a blue-sky project currently in the works.

The Disney Experience has also put up an official YouTube page where you’ll find videos that were once on the Nava Designs YouTube page.

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  • Ron:

    That’s phantastic! You should sell it as a pin. However there’s a slight flaw in the shadow on the desktop. It reflects the little trademark sign (the R with a circle) which in fact is not there to cast a shadow.

    I’m a real fan of your designs, great work!

    Regards, Ron.

    • Trader Sam:

      Yikes! The trademark is supposed to be there. I’ll pop it back in.

      • Ron:

        Great you picked up my suggestion! I donated $ 10 and received the pin last week. Thanks very much! Again: Great work, very well done.
        Regards, Ron

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