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  • Steve:

    wow that castles going to rock, thanks for the update. im sure everyone understands that paying work comes first :D

    • Steve:

      oh and im planning to send pics when i start building, my castle is going to be double the size printed in A3 size

      • Trader Sam:

        Double the size? That’s gonna be a monster! Please do send pics. Make sure to include something next to the castle (like a ruler or a person) so that everyone can get a good sense of scale.

  • Jun:

    WoW!! I can’t wait to get the castle instructions

  • Ensign Eddie:

    That was fun. I would suggest you do a bit of judicious editing the next time around, but I hope you keep them coming.

    One thing I would really like to see in a subsequent video (or even blog post) is a more in-depth discussion of how you set up the Craft Robo to cut out the fiddly-bits.

    • Trader Sam:

      Editing, huh? Anything in particular? That was my first time editing a real video. I’ve got another video planned, so any tips or suggestions would be great.

      For the Craft Robo, I actually made a separate Adobe Illustrator file to print and cut. For some reason, the cuts started out lined up with the parts, but slowly veered away as it cut. The odd part is that it only did it with those parts.

  • Christina Marie:

    when i 1st saw ur 1st version of the sleeping beauty castle,, i was literally awestruck,, and it took me a month to make,, WHEN i saw this new version… i was like OMG… im over excited 2 make this,, :-D

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