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The Disney Experience

Big changes! Big, unexpected changes!

Yeah, I’m fickle when it comes to website design. I get an idea in my head, and I go with it. Unfortunately, my mind is always racing. New thoughts, new ideas, new challenges. The Disney Experience deserved something much nicer, and I implemented some ideas in the last design that didn’t pan out too well. Live and learn.

What started as a simple logo design and backdrop for the opening title of the YouTube videos quickly took over Twitter and snowballed into a complete site makeover. More than that, some PHP magic has been applied, drastically reducing the number of web pages, and making this growing site far easier to manage. For example, there use to be 87 pages for the icon previews (one page for each set of icons). Now there’s only 1 template file that does all of the work. The same goes for other areas of the site.

The site’s favicon has changed (check your browser), the nav menu has been improved, the “Disney Magic” award badges have been updated, and there is a new donation section complete with a simple cart system (you should really check it out). There are even custom error pages now (type some gobbledy-gook to see a 404 error). There’s much more, but nothing that a casual site guest would see or notice immediately.

Search! We have the search feature up and running again. It’s limited at the moment, but it will eventually have a far better searching capability, pin-pointing exactly what you’re looking for.

Help us meet our goal. Make a donation now.

We’ve also moved to a brand-new server and hosting service: Host Gator. While Go Daddy is fine for small, simple websites (we still use them), we’ve simply outgrown it, hence the move. Heck, there’s even an increase in speed. I’m even thinking about upgrading the hosting plan.

If you’re in the market for a new Web host, check out Revision3‘s coupons for some great deals.

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  • Becky:

    Experiments are good, think of how Sleeping Beauty’s Castle would look if someone hadn’t put the top on backwards! ; )

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