A Second Disneyland in Anaheim!?

Trader Sam

I tweeted this a while ago, but I thought I’d mention it here in more depth. Castle Peak and Thunder Railroad is a G-scale railroad layout containing several iconic Disneyland attractions. It was built by architect David Sheegog and he occasionally holds open house tours so you can see it in person.

The whole thing is like a Disney maniac’s dream playground/backyard. There are several photos on the website, so go check it out and drool!

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  • George:

    This is so cool! I think I wanna try to make Big Thunder Mountain in clay sometime soon :P

    Sorry to go off topic… But have you ever seen this?

    It was an old Disney playset that was sold back in the 1980s. It is VERY hard to find nowadays, and if you find it online: Expect it to be well over $100. It is a GREAT thing to have in any Disney collection. So I was wondering: Do you think you can a paper model version? The graphics look like they were printed on, so they can’t be that hard to duplicate ( maybe :( )

    Please write back,

    • Trader Sam:

      I think I may have seen that before, several years ago.

      I actually have MANY ideas for future paper models. If I ever did an entire Main Street (It crosses my mind on occasion), it would be in sections, and it would be Disneyland’s version (at least at first). But, what I build next is anyone’s guess.

      What I design next depends on what I’m in the mood for, and what I’ve worked on recently. I can certainly tell you that I will not be working on a castle any time soon. Current ideas are: King Arthur’s Carrousel, Mad Tea Party, Fantasyland attraction/store facades, Jungle Cruise boat house. Each of these have unique properties that I’d like to tackle.

      • Will T.:

        That would be awesome if you ever did a set of Main Street models. Even if not the whole street (which would rock!), just a couple key buildings would still be incredible, like the Emporium (which I’ve been considering trying to design a super-simple paper model version of for myself…). The Fantasyland stuff sounds great too. I don’t blame you for not wanting to do another castle though. :P

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