One D-Ticket, Please

The Disney Experience

  • Disneyland 'D' Ticket Wallpaper
    A Disney Experience Original

Here’s a new wallpaper based on the old Disneyland D-ticket. It’s not an exact replica since it had to be adjusted for widescreen and fullscreen. Others are on the way, so keep an eye out for the whole A-E series. These are great if you have rotating wallpapers (ie. Windows Vista, Windows 7, third-party software).

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  • Will T.:

    I’m amazed that the DLRR cost an entire D ticket! I can’t imagine how many of those I’d have gone through in all my visits to the park if they were still doing the ticket system … I realize now that I’ve always taken the train for granted as an easy shortcut around the park.

    Out of curiosity, what year(s) are these wallpapers based upon, if any? Judging from the presence of Bear Country and the Nature’s Wonderland train, that definitely puts them (or at least the D ticket) between 1972 (Bear Country opens) and 1977 (Nature’s Wonderland closes to make way for BTMRR).

    These currently form my desktop wallpaper rotation. Eagerly awaiting the release of the E-ticket one!

    • Trader Sam:

      I don’t rightly recall. I do believe it’s the 70’s.

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