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Trader Sam

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the D23 weekend. I know I did. I still am, really. There are more YouTube videos to watch, articles to read, and Imagineering concept art to drool over (where’s my bucket). The only bit of new news (for me) is the upcoming Fantasy Faire, which will replace the Carnations Plaza Gardens at Disneyland.

I was skeptical of Fantasy Faire at first. I always have concerns about replacing a Disneyland classic. But, then I reviewed some current photos of the area, and I now remember how bland the area is with its lack of theming/atmosphere. I think this will be a great addition, complementing the current castle courtyard. But, it will be interesting to see how well it combines with Fantasyland. That area is pretty much in its own little section, and may feel too cut off from the rest of the land. Perhaps there will be some architectural changes that will fix this.

Last Friday, Mattel announced a new line of die-cast Cars vehicles. The limited-run line will focus more on the supporting characters of the Cars films, and will debut with four vehicles that will be released throughout 2012. Retailing for $3.99, the 1:55 scale vehicles will come in distinctive packaging (different from the current/past line), and will begin with Flash, the Swedish racer. Look for them in select stores beginning Spring, 2012.

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  • Lost Boy:

    The part that worries me the most about the new Fantasy Faire area is that, unless there is some modification or barrier between Main Street and this new area, Fantasyland will appear to now intrude into Main Street. Same thing with the new Jolly Holiday Bakery in the Main Street Annual Passholders former hangout making that Fantasyland Character part of Main Street. But then again all the Cartoon Character’s also appear all over Main Street and we take that for granted. I am exited to see something come into that very bland area though and also that the Swing Dancing will continue at night.

    • Trader Sam:

      Intruding on Main Street is not a concern for me. First off, there are already other out-of-place structures visible from the Hub (Astro Orbiter, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Frontierland Fort, Adventureland entrance). It should blend in well. What does concern me is Main Street’s invasion into Fantasy Faire. There is a clear view of the Hub and Main Street, which do not fit in with Fantasyland. Vehicles and parade performances are a distraction that could break the illusion.

      Now, if the foliage between the two areas were to be pumped up a little bit to obstruct more of the view (and sound) of the Hub, it could work very well. And, let’s not forget about the possibilities of walls/buildings. We’ll get a better idea if Disney ever releases images of a model.

  • Becky:

    Very interresting. From my understanding of park layout, wasn’t that a prime photo location for SB? I wonder if this will cause new obstructions from not only the buildings themselves, but also the increased traffic an attraction at that location may cause.

    • Trader Sam:

      That area is typically empty unless there is some sort of band or something at the band stand. There’s always music and dancing in the evenings, which will continue even after the makeover. Other than that, it’s typically an under-utilized space that used to be a quiet resting place to get away from the crowds. For those in-the-know, it’s a quick shortcut between Fantasyland and Frontierland.

      None of the concept images depict the view looking toward the Hub. There’s actually a good comparison on’s Dateline Disneyland between one of the renderings and an actual photo of the location. There’s even a good shot of the entrance, where we can see that there is an abundance of trees and bushes.

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