The Holiday Sandwich

WDW 'E' Ticket Wallpaper

Trader Sam

  • WDW 'E' Ticket Wallpaper
    A Disney Experience Original

Let’s kick off the holidays by finishing up the Walt Disney World ticket series of wallpapers.

Halloween came and went, and suddenly the holidays were upon us. Where did the time go? Suddenly, it was time to shop for presents, decorate, wrap, and inventory. I always do a visual inventory of holiday decorations, wrapping papers, and etcetera.

Then came the brief respite of Thanksgiving. Ah, yes, the beloved turkey coma! There’s no experience quite like eating an extra-large communal meal in the middle of a blustery autumn day and promptly passing out for a couple of hours.

Refueled with roasted bird, and joints liberally lubricated with gravy, it’s time to shop again. There’s Black Friday, and Cyber Monday to take advantage of awesome holiday deals (Amazon’s deals are simply AWESOME!). And, we’re back to decorating, wrapping . . . you get the idea.

So, with the holiday sandwich of shopping-turkey-shopping, I’ve had quite a full plate.

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