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I was wrapping presents last night when I suddenly ran out of gift tags. Out of necessity, I spent several hours designing some Disney-themed gift tags, featuring artwork from the Desktop Wallpapers. I also used my Craft ROBO to cut them out. Then, I thought that this would be a perfect Craft ROBO project for all to enjoy.

Working a little magic, I prepared the necessary files so that those of you with a Craft ROBO* and Adobe® Illustrator® can print out your own gift tags. Sadly, this project has a limited target audience due to its requirements. But, you can also get these for FREE with a donation, so all is not lost.


There is now an extra file included for cutting out the gift tags by hand. Simply print, then cut along the solid lines.

*Silhouette machines may work, too! They are manufactured by the same company (Graphtec), and are the same machines; they’ve simply been re-branded. They should also use the same software.

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